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    Responsive websites, application development, graphic design
    Design and development all under one roof.

Our Services

Development Services

WRX Media provides development services specializing in web applications. We can also consult on projects with internal or third party developers to assist in meeting project goals.

  • Websites & Applications
  • Database Design
  • E-commerce Systems
  • Intranets, Customer Portals
  • System Architecture

Design Services

Our roots lie in art - it is the foundation for everything we do. From new company/product branding to 3D visualization and pretty much everything in between.

  • Traditional & Digital
  • Identity/Branding
  • Concept Visualizations
  • Photography/Video
  • 3D Graphics & Animation

Process Development

With a background in process management and development, the WRX performs workflow analysis and councels on improving internal processes both from a technological and practical level.

  • Analysis & Recommendations
  • Automation
  • Database Processes
  • Integrations
  • Process Documentation

...the only way to do great work is to love what you do

- Steve Jobs -


The following are development projects we have worked on or are currently in progress

Oly Services Screenshot

Oly Services

WRX has been responsible for the development of the back end system and processes of Oly Services and well as its customer administrative interface and corporate website.

BlogWRX Screenshot


Donning a new name, BlogWRX takes its predecessor Blog FM to the next stage. WRX Media will likely recommend the use of BlogWRX in any of its web development projects to leverage its search engine optimization (SEO) advantages.

Inked Across Screenshot

Inked Across

Inked Across is a WRX brand that originated in Instagram and is being built into a new brand. The Inked Across website is currently Wordpress, but is being redesigned utilizing the BlogWRX platform as well as adding eCommerce capabilities.

Creativity is intelligence having fun

- Albert Einstein -

About WRX Media

WRX Media was founded in 2016 by Steve Traversi, a designer/technologist whose been innovating since the early 90's. Steve discovered 3D graphics in the late eighties and dove right in. Working an eight to five job, he spent evenings and weekends honing his 3D skills. Along the way, he began picking up projects designing user interfaces for companies such as Microsoft and Sun Microsystems. Steve soon began building websites and working with clients in developing their online presence.

The next decade would see a consistent development of skills. A series of positions with Silicon Valley software companies provided opportunities to learn programming and databases. Throughout this period, Steve was active in technology, working actively in IT departments while also working closely with marketing. Throughout his career, he always had one foot in the technical and one foot in the creative.

Steve would go on to serve in senior and executive technology positions with a number of progressive companies. Understanding the service nature of technology and the importance of customer service, he has consistently worked to narrow the technology gap.

On any given day, Steve might be editing a photo in Photoshop, creating a logo in Illustrator, photographing, recording or editing video, 3D modeling/rendering, coding, designing databases, writing, or working on marketing strategies. It is this mix of disciplines and technical and creative outlets that the WRX Media name was born. Steve would rattle off his various services ending with, "...you know, the works"

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Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

- Albert Einstein -

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